Environment and Social Psychology (ESP) proudly announces an international conference on Social Transformations in a Troubled World, June 26-28, 2017 in Irvine, California, USA. Brij Mohan, Dean Emeritus, School of Social Work, Louisiana State University, will serve as Program Chair. Whioce Publishing has invited fifteen world-renowned scholars, highlighted below, to deliver Keynote addresses on varied issues that warrant scientific attention and analysis.

Important Dates

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Keynote Speakers


Conference Chairman: Brij Mohan

Dean Emeritus, LSU School of Social Work, USA
Founding Editor-in-Chief: Environment and Social Psychology

Lecture: Social Transformations in a Troubled World


Marilyn Flynn

Dean, School of Social Work, USC
Lecture: Transformational Leadership in Education


Richard J Estes

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania

Lecture: Development Challenges and Opportunities – At The Outset of a New Century


Guy Bäckman

Lecture: Ageing and Welfare in a Global Economy


Luke Barnesmoore

Lecture: Conscious Evolution and Social Transformation


Mas Biswas

Lecture: Political Discourses on Diverse Identities and Its Impact on Digital Media Environment


Mohan Gautam

Lecture: Unwanted Migrant Refugees and the European Intolerance of the Host Countries


Peter Herrmann

Lecture: Anthropocene, Capitaloscene or Right to Sustainability – Enhancing the Debate on Human Rights


Phillip Hong

Lecture: Social Transformation from Bottom-Up


Sonia Kapur

Lecture: Holiday Brides: A Sociological Holography


Mark Lusk

Lecture: Reframing Forced Immigration from a Strengths Perspective


Manohar Pawar

Lecture: Climate Change and Environmental Activism: A Call for Social Action


Vijayan Pillai

Lecture: Social Development, Inequality and Human Rights in Developing Nations


Shweta Singh

Lecture: Living Philosophy: Moral Particularism in Troubled Times


Mina Tehrifad

Lecture: Islam, Mental Health and Universal Wellbeing


Laurent Van Der Maesen

Lecture: Call for Conceptual Clarity: A Social Quality Approach


  • Interpersonal violence and child abuse
  • Racism, exclusions and culture of intolerance
  • Human rights, trafficking and social responsibility
  • Environmental toxicity and addictive behaviors
  • The reality and specter of aging
  • Gender identity, inequality, and injustice
  • Environment, healthcare management and public policy
  • Poverty, alienation and crime
  • Climate change and socio-economic implications
  • Globalization: Paradoxes of success
  • Social movements and meltdowns: Repressive culture and dialectics of progress
  • Refugees, migration and politics of exclusions
  • Media, networking, public awareness and progress
  • New nativism, tribalism and the decline of the ‘state’
  • Commoditization of higher education: Crisis and new horizons